Badass enough, Tony?



I must admit, I love doodling. This one is just to start over again.

Yes, this finally happened.

Hello, my name is Denis. I am 25.

I have chased the dream of becoming car designer since I was 15. Though I
never attended drawing classes before, I made my way to Moscow State
Technical University “MAMI” to study transportation design. I started
working at the age of 18. Through the years I worked as product designer,
graphic designer, project manager, teacher, journalist. I was working at
three jobs while making my diploma project!

I took part in numerous projects and achieved amazing and unique
experience, but it took me seven years to understand that I still live car design.

It is time for me to move on. I am now looking for an internship now and, finally,
for a job in car industry later.

Please contact me for a full portfolio. Now you decide my future.


Ok, I'm not that dead, really. This is my attempt to come back into life. Less work to do now, more time to think about the future. So, wish me luck, I am starting it again.


I'm not dead.


Okay, I promise to srart updating it frequently... one time. Seeking for a room in this crazy city in this crazy time takes a lot of effort.


Teutonic military. Still senseless, but not that ugly.


Wow, I found another one. And... enough for today.

Ok, I got to start with something, so I'll start with some random scary stuff.

Hi, my name is Denis Cherdantsev. I am 24 years old. I am looking for a job or job training in car design industry. More information to follow.

Thank you.